As the EARTH maintains ‘rest in place’ how fitting that the DIVINATION for today was the Tarot card ‘HIGH PRIESTESS.’ In the I CHING, the Divine Feminine, the wife, and all the feminine aspects – i.e. intuition, inspiration, stability – symbolize EARTH. I found this gorgeous rose on our walk yesterday signifying the earthly gift of beauty and love. The reading speaks to our current state of health, how we need to listen to our inner knowing, and how the state of affairs is still within the realm of the unknown. Deep contemplation is needed now to stay calm, centred and healthy.

We’ve begun to settle into this new routine of detachment from work, friends, even family members, and we are seeing how the planet is healing by our slowdown, how the air is cleaning with blue skies returning, the waters are clearing turning turquoise in colour, the trees, plants and flowers are sprouting happily blown about by the March winds, and the animals are taking back a bit of their territory crossing quiet roads that were once dangerous to their very existence. It seems like MOTHER NATURE is having her way, stopping our inane mindless state of being in the world.

The divination also addresses our constant consummation of everything, especially in the West, how we have pushed our local communities and Gaia to her limits. More, more, more, for what? Just these last few weeks we’ve seen just how ridiculous this has become, with tales of people hoarding food, hand sanitizer, and the unbelievable toilet paper syndrome – thinking of only me, me, me, not thinking of the other, their neighbour. The possibility that someone else might also need to survive through this stressful period, the willingness to share, to think of another, has almost disappeared in our day-to-day dealings.

Here’s a quote from the NY Times on these effects in the Hamptons:

On Long Island, private plane and jet traffic increased at East Hampton Airport, with everything from single-engine Cessnas and Piper Cubs to Gulf Streams and Falcon jets landing.

“We’ve had helicopters, seaplanes, corporate planes,” said Jim Brundige, the airport director. “A little bit of everything.”

Stores there have also been stripped. Some people are even buying extra freezers, residents said.

They want to make sure they have enough for a year,” said Jonathan Amaral, the house manager and chef at a gated estate on Southampton’s Main Street. “The shelves were bare. For us locals and middle class people, that hurts.”

Thankfully we are now hearing some of the good that is being done not only by our courageous health workers, but also by the organized small and large groups taking care of and assisting the elderly, lonely and needy and it seems that the governments of the world are finally taking notice and implementing relief. We’re seeing and sensing the opening of hearts like a good mother who takes care of her children and her family. If this incident is to teach us one thing it is that we are all one family, one globe, one energy system and we need to work together to survive.

The push by our magazines, social media, and especially by Instagram Influencers fighting to be known as the best-dressed, the “must haves” showing the best and most expensive outfits, which by the way were mostly sewn by a near slave worker abroad doesn’t bother us at all – out of sight out of mind. Bigger, better, smarter, richer, prettier – this obsession with More and Beauty – just how much Botox can a woman put in her body or just how much money can one have? In my area, I am hearing of women demanding their hairdressers, their manicurists, and their estheticians come to their homes – who is going to see them?!?

I am a Libra Rising, I adore Beauty and all things beautiful, but there is a limit. What if we used all this energy, power and influence to promote Beauty in other more natural ways? This ‘alone time’ might give us the creativity to come up with some amazing ways to put things back into perspective, to a natural balance – that’s that Libra part speaking!

Our competitive nature, which used to be of the healthy kind, that stimulated invention, an honest good race, and a handshake in the end, has gone over the top into greed, slander, out and out lies, absurd manipulations of truth, and subversion of economic, political and everyday life in our current Neoliberal society. We’ve transferred control of economic factors to the private sector from the public sector with our bail-out of investment bankers, our sell out to drug, oil and large corporations instead of helping and bailing out the average citizen, but the most critical point which many of our young people are now up in arms about, is where we’ve put our environment in radical danger, our Mother in total stress, forgetting that she is the one who feeds us, clothes us, delights us with her natural beauty. How far away from our true nature we have strayed. But we can change this and I believe that we are being given our chance to reflect, to dig deep into the HEART, into that inner Feminine, SHE is a part of all of us, to find new ways to nurture, share and heal together as one family – we only have one MOTHER.

A quote from Grandmaster Hua-Ching Ni (OmNi) on the Trigram EARTH says it succinctly:              

This hexagram expresses the essential process of self-development…these virtues are the essence of KUN and also of the Earth…Too many people struggle to be above, and this has led to all the disturbances and wars in the world.  People never realise that their true significance and worth reside in the very being of their individual lives, and that MOTHER EARTH and the entire UNIVERSE embrace all beings equally. Is there any true advantage in being “above” someone else? If people stopped this useless vanity, there would be no more contention in the world.

Every truthful individual life is like the EARTH, low and receptive, motherly and gentle, giving support to everyone and everything selflessly without discrimination. To be like the EARTH is to be like HEAVEN.”

I am compiling and mixing the meaning from the FENG SHUI TAROT with some classical meanings for this card and adding an interpretation for the TRIGRAM EARTH:


The HIGH PRIESTESS is the archetype of Feminine Consciousness, intuition and inspiration. Her knowledge resides in the Heart. The number two represents balance. She prompts you to look deeply inside yourselves to cultivate your own wisdom, inner answers and study of nature because if you want the benefits of evolution, you will have to cooperate with spirit.

It is important for the HIGH PRIESTESS to be centred and balanced in her site, enabling the strong foundations for her unbending faith and intuitive knowledge. In keeping with the HIGH PRIESTESS’ sense of aloofness and detachment, the Torah from traditional Tarot cards has been replaced in this image with a symbol more ambiguous – a ceramic pot with vapor, which represents the veiled knowledge of the HIGH PRIESTESS.  

The CORE ASPECT of the card urges the need to be mindful of shared confidences. Your intuition is truly an asset. Follow your feelings to success to more effectively bring your inner spiritual practice to the material world.

Accept nothing at face value, as you don’t have all the information you need to make a decision. Question diagnosis, tests, and physicians – if it doesn’t feel right at gut level. Listen to your body, heed dreams, and be aware of synchronicities that pertain to your health.

CONTEMPLATION: Mystery grows as we proceed; the answer comes when we need. Something is hidden in your life; a mystery or secret eludes you. The answer may be found in your memories or dreams of the past. Rely more on intuition than intellect now.      

DIRECTIVE: Subtle vibrations are working beneath the surface. The whole situation has not yet solidified. Patience will be rewarded.

Things may be slow for a while, but surprise new opportunities may arise. You come up with a new way of doing something that increases your efficiency and saves you time.

You may discover that you are becoming more attuned to your intuitive level as the situation begins to reveal itself to you.

EARTH/KUN/FIELD: the womb that gives birth to all things. This spirit nourishes everything; without it nothing could exist or take shape. Its symbol is EARTH, its action is to yield, serve and bring forth and is reliable and dependable. In the family, it is the mother. As a spirit guide, FIELD opens, yields and closes all things to her. Earth’s’ hands give blessings; she receives the dead.

EARTH describes the wide surface of Earth on which everything grows. It maintains and preserves, promotes exchange and interchange, the central hub of pivot and place of transformation, centring movement and assuring a free flow of thought. Earth is the moment of transition between the YIN and YANG cycles, significant of deep changes, a moment without movement, a centred state of being.