Your home is a direct reflection of you. It is your blank palette from which to work and create your dreams and aspirations. Its vibratory energy is in a constant state of flux that can be affected by a multitude of external influences. We are often bombarded by an infinite source of environmental, electro-magnetic and sound pollutions from man-made noise and new energy sources which are not in harmony with nature and that includes our bodies. Recent biomedical and behavourial

research has shown that this has a huge effect on our physical and mental health.

Yet there is hope as now even newer data is out in the field by such authors as Daniel Pink, ‘A Whole New Mind’  that indicate we are finding new ways to balance this one-sided infiltration of logical left-brain linear thinking from the often times over-whelming Information Age. As Pink states we are entering a new Conceptual Age, moving towards more creative, empathic feelings and sensory use of the right brain, thus harmonizing both sides, bringing back balance into our world. What does that mean? We’ll be more drawn to Design and Beauty, to opening via Communication of the stories of our lives and loves, to the Big Picture instead of getting stuck in the minutiae, moved to Empathy within relationships and community, invited to Play which includes laughter and games, and to Meaning where true purpose and heart return to our lives. This all ties in so well with the practice of Feng Shui.

As a Feng Shui and Vaastu consultant, I can help you integrate purposeful change in your environment and your life by creating serenity and symmetry in alignment with your specific goals and intentions. We will use design details, colour, ceremony and a touch of elegance to get you where you want to be, and yes sometimes we will re-arrange furniture. My main goal is to get you in Flow and Command bringing meaning and transcendence to create and enhance your personal, beautiful sanctuary.

We will work with mundane adjustments, “of this world”, where we will use the material, logistic issues within the environment and on the property – the base side of Feng Shui. Many of the adjustments we might use will be of a Transcendental nature which means that they are extremely special. These cures, remedies, have been used for thousands of years and create powerful influences in our lives and homes while defying any rational explanation related to our limited rational thinking.

If the client wishes, I can also bring in the beauty of Vaastu ritual by blessing the home with ceremony, creating beautiful altars and rituals that tie in so well with the Feng Shui practice. Enhancing the space with beauty, grace and ceremony adds a wonderful touch to the home or workspace. Subtlety is an art form and one of my fortes. Everything can be done in such a way that the client knows the cures are in place but everyone else just feels the shift and can’t quite place what has changed.

My consultations include a four-stage approach to transforming your space, be it home, office or business.


Your plans tell the story of your house and property and we will begin here. Together we’ll explore how your space feels, and discuss which areas of life you would like to see progress in. We’ll determine what needs improvement and how that is reflected in your property or company. It is all in the plan.


We’ll look for pressure points or weak links that are causing disruption in the natural flow of energy through your environment. We’ll study what is blatantly sticking out – the elephant in the room – or what is missing, and how this could this affect the relationships, health and wealth of the occupants.


After a discussion of the issues &/or problems, I’ll provide solutions.

We’ll determine which changes in your environment will alleviate issues and help you achieve your goals. We will create symmetry and beauty using your style and taste to create a space that you will love to live and work in.


Then we will discuss the results of the work we’ve done. How are you seeing it reflected in your everyday life? The final stage fine-tunes your space until it feels just right to you.

Give yourself a wonderful gift by allowing me to help you create the truly nurturing, sacred space you’ve always dreamed of, by working with the subtle forces that surround you. Let’s start the process today – it will be enlightening and always fun and creative! Contact me today.