Your home is a direct reflection of you. Its vibratory energy is in a constant state of flux that can be affected by a multitude of external influences. By allowing ‘B‘ to help you create the truly nurturing, sanctuary that you’ve always dreamed of, you are giving yourself the most wonderful gift by working with the subtle forces that surround you.

As a Designer & Feng Shui consultant, she can help you integrate purposeful change in your environment by creating serenity and balance, in alignment with your specific goals and intentions.

B’s Feng Shui consultations include a four-stage approach to transforming your space, be it home, office or business.



Together we’ll explore how your space feels, and discuss which areas of life you would like to see progress in. We’ll determine what needs improvement and how that is reflected in your property or company.


We’ll look for pressure points or weak links that are causing disruption in the natural flow of energy through your environment.

We’ll study what is sticking out or what is missing, and how this could affect the health and wealth of the occupants.


After a discussion of the problems, B will provide solutions.

We’ll determine which changes in your environment will alleviate issues and help you achieve your goals.


We’ll discuss the results of the work we’ve done. How are you seeing it reflected in your everyday life? The final stage fine-tunes your space until it feels just right to you.