• To restore sacredness of space
    To open the flow of chi
    Connecting to Heaven & Earth
    May inhabitants prosper in all ways
    This is the aim of cinnabarB


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Cinnabar represents the deep, dark Earth energies of the feminine, grounding the solar energy of the masculine; the connection of Heaven and Earth. I adore working with this fiery energy and color so close to our nature restoring sacredness to space by unlocking the flow of energy, which allows one to live a happy and prosperous life.

The natural Earth science of Feng Shui, literally translated as “wind-water,” is a Chinese-Taoist-Bon philosophical system of harmonizing the elements within an environment. In Feng Shui practice, cinnabar is often used in very small doses, mixed with other elements, for blessings, transcendental enhancements, and seals, to balance and sanctify a space. Working with a very small dose has powerful healing effects. This concept has a close connection to the methods used in Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, where certain elements are considered toxic in large quantities, yet when they are used in minute doses trigger profound healing.

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My prime aspiration is to help people transform their lives. My love of beauty, balance and elegance, coupled with an understanding of the way chi animates all of life, allows me to create beautiful sacred space. Part of my life’s work has been dedicated to gender studies; learning to balance the Grace of the Feminine with the Strength of the Masculine – the Yin and the Yang – which is the base of the Feng Shui practice.

I offer a rare and valuable perspective by combining my unique intuitive ability and eye for detail with knowledge of ancient and transcendental traditions. A rich tapestry of culture from a life of extensive travels of many years abroad brings a global view to my practice.

I am recognized internationally as a practitioner of Feng Shui & Re-Design; a healer & mystic, de-clutterer & clearer of spaces; artist & creator while also using the ceremonies of Vaastu. My expertise includes being a connoisseur of the art of Chinese tea, an oracle of the I Ching, as well as a Sheng Zhen Gong teacher and much more.

I continuously expand and fine-tune my skills as an eclectic seeker of knowledge in many forms,. Being a long-time devotee to the path of transformation, spirituality, and healing, I have obtained degrees in Design & Human Behaviour, with many different certifications in the Arts, Healing Arts & Feng Shui Staging.

Most of us unknowingly live with arrangements in our space & lives that are out of balance and detrimental to our health and relationships. Feng Shui can help promote stress reduction, creativity, productivity, spirituality, health, & wellness, as well as improving home renovations, real estate development, animal habitats & interior and landscape designs. There are endless examples of how one can utilize the benefits of these ancient traditions.

May we all be given the Grace to achieve our highest potential and live in alignment with our environment and the universe.



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