• To restore sacredness of space
    To open the flow of chi
    Connecting to Heaven & Earth
    May inhabitants prosper in all ways
    This is the aim of cinnabarB


cinnabar B



As an Artist & Designer engaging in different mediums from fashion, jewelry, painting, writing, interior & environmental design to working within diverse aspects of the Alternative Health & NGO fields, B has gathered a broad spectrum of knowledge, which vitalizes her practice.

The influence of ancient cultures mixed with the most modern design concepts imports an unconventional finesse to her ideas. One of these, the ancient technique of carved cinnabar-colored lacquer jewelry & boxes has always intrigued her and in a roundabout way brought her to Feng Shui as an important addition to her design practice.

Cinnabar represents the deep, dark Earth energies of the feminine, grounding the solar energy of the masculine; the connection of Heaven and Earth. The rich, deep red, so evocative of those ancient Chinese lacquer pieces cherished by collectors, becomes a metaphor in Feng Shui’s use of this substance. In Chinese symbolism, cinnabar (vermilion) and gold are regarded as the two harmonious colours of joy and prosperity.

cinnabar BIO


Since the 1990’s, B’s feminine artistic mastery has offered a rare & valuable perspective with an original eye for detail, a search for exquisite craftsmanship & bold artistic design. A rich tapestry of culture from a life of extensive travels & studies of many years abroad brings an enchanting international view to her creations.

B’s prime aspiration is to help people transform their spaces with her flair & love of beauty, balance and elegance. She couples this with an understanding of the way chi animates life. Knowledge of ancient sacred systems inspires her to create beautiful healthy sanctuaries for her clientele.

Recognized internationally, B’s refreshing approach to problem solving while working intimately with you, as her client, creates customized innovative solutions along with unexpected design details for the issues of your individual space. Her brilliant, eclectic, well-travelled team brings support to the design concept helping her solve your problems with their own extraordinary backgrounds. From a Bau-Biologist – a woman concerned with the health of your space & that of the individual; a CAD Design Associate – bringing an unusual perspective as a Lighting Designer; to a Product Stylist who works with some major brands & last but not least her Site Designers who are Fine Artists in their own rite. We are a collaboration of artistic originality & virtuosity who problem solve & serve our clients well.

Most of us unknowingly live with arrangements in our space & lives that are out of balance and detrimental to health and relationships. Design, Feng Shui & Bau-Biology can help promote creativity, productivity, spirituality, stress reduction, fine tune relationships, health & wellness, while improving home renovations, real estate development, animal habitats & interior and landscape designs. There are endless examples of how one can utilize the benefits of these métiers & traditions to create beautiful space.



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