As an Artist & Designer engaging in different mediums from fashion, jewelry, painting, writing, interior & environmental design to working within diverse aspects of the Alternative Health & NGO fields, B has gathered a broad spectrum of knowledge, which vitalizes her practice.

The influence of ancient cultures mixed with the most modern design concepts imports an unconventional finesse to her ideas. One of these, the ancient technique of carved cinnabar-colored lacquer jewelry & boxes has always intrigued her and in a roundabout way brought her to Feng Shui as an important addition to her design practice.

Cinnabar represents the deep, dark Earth energies of the feminine, grounding the solar energy of the masculine; the connection of Heaven and Earth. The rich, deep red, so evocative of those ancient Chinese lacquer pieces cherished by collectors, becomes a metaphor in Feng Shui’s use of this substance. In Chinese symbolism, cinnabar (vermilion) and gold are regarded as the two harmonious colours of joy and prosperity.

The natural Earth science of Feng Shui, literally translated as “wind-water,” is a Chinese-Taoist-Bon philosophical system of harmonizing the elements within an environment. In Feng Shui practice, cinnabar is often used in very small doses mixed with other elements for blessings, transcendental enhancements and seals and to balance and sanctify a space. Working with a very small dose has powerful healing effects. This concept has a close connection to the methods used in Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which certain elements are considered toxic in large quantities, yet when used in minute doses they can trigger profound healing.


The seal for cinnabarB contains the word ‘cinnabar’ surrounded by a lotus flower pattern.

The lotus flower, considered sacred in many cultures, symbolizes the union of the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. With roots in the earth, growing in water, leaves nourished by air, the flower blooms through the power of the sun’s fire. The lotus is therefore a symbol of the perfection of the fourfold order of the natural world, and the true soul of an individual: creation and clarity of heart and mind.

Representing long life, the lotus is an example of divine beauty, strength, good luck, honour and respect. As one of the Eight Buddhist symbols of good fortune, it is a symbol of purity, rising up through the muddy waters of illusion to blossom into enlightenment while its unfolding petals suggest the expansion of the soul.

The rich cinnabar (vermillion) coloured ink seals this site and all our finished products. Cinnabar is written in a classic “Tibetan Uchen style” while the lotus pattern is in a “Tixi” scroll-work pattern.